Ulefone has announced that there will be a mis-year promotion. In other words, there is much discount for several Ulefone models such as the Ulefone X, which will last to July 15. The detail information you can look below:

Ulefone Mid-year promotion

Ulefone X is the newest machine that is equipped with metal and glass just with the price of $154.99 that is just for the top 500 customers. It is equipped with 5.85 inch screen, wireless charge and 4GB 64GB memory combination on the basis of Android 8.1 OS and 3300mAh battery.

Another model participate this promotion is the Ulefone S9 Pro with the price of $79.99. It uses 2GB 16GB space, 5.5 inch screen, Android 8.1 OS and 3300mAh battery that is similar to the Ulefone T2 Pro.

Ulefone Power 5 is the model with big battery sells for $259.99 now. It is equipped with 6.0 inch FHD screen plus 6GB 64GB memory combination on the basis of the Android 8.1 Oreo that the running speed is fast and smooth.

The last one is a Rugged Smartphone with the name of Ulefone Armor X comes with the IP68 certificate. It uses 2GB 16GB combination with the price of $199.99 during the promotion that is the best choice to buy it with this chance.