Ulefone Mobile Phone FAQ

1, My device's battery drains very quickly
Clear any unused applications that are running in the background. Check if your device software is up to date. Please note that the latest Android system version with high performance and advanced features, it may not have with same battery backup compared to old versions, but it will be optimized for future updates (battery backup may differ based on usage)

2, I'm not getting an internet connection from my second SIM card
Please note that if you have two SIM cards inserted in your device, only one will connect to a 3G/4G network. The other SIM card will only be able to make phone calls and send and receive text messages. If the SIM card cannot be detected, please try switching the SIM card from SIM slot 1 to SIM slot 2. Please configure the APN setting with the network provider or try a different SIM card.

3, My charger doesn't work and my device won't charge properly
Please make sure the charger/cable is properly connected to the outlet and the device. Try a different charger/cable or power source if possible. If the issue persists, please contact our support team. Please note that long term use of a third-party charger may damage the device and could void your warranty.

4, My fingerprint scanner isn't wokring and doesn't respond when touched
Please register all sides of your finger while adding your fingerprint. Make sure there is no liquid or other material between the sensor and finger when trying to unlock the device. Wipe the scanner with a clean cloth regularly. Try pressing firmly and, if that doesn’t work, try pressing very lightly. Press the power button for 10-15 seconds to restart the device. Try the fingerprint scanner again when your phone turns back on. Make sure your device is up-to-date. Delete all the fingerprints and register them again.

5, Where do I find a ulefone phone manual?
Common manual´╝Ü https://1drv.ms/b/s!AuHR1GdiQ1b2gVvREkupitro-F46 There is no detailed manual presently. Please go through the settings and the pull-down toggle and then you'll know what you can do with your phone. If there is specific question, please feel free to ask me through email.

6, How do I locate my IMEI number?
Please input:*#06# on dialing interface.

7, People cannot hear me during calls
Please make sure that your main microphone is not blocked by dust particles. Confirm whether your device’s software is up-to-date. If you have the same issue with third-party applications, try using another SIM card.

8, My device experiences random reboots
Confirm whether the issue is related with a specific application. If you are experiencing problems with a single app, uninstall and reinstall that app. Make sure that your device is up-to-date. If the issue persists, please back up your device and perform a hard reset.

9, How do I backup data before remote sessions?
You may sync your Google account to backup Apps data, wifi settings, pictures and contacts. Also, be sure to have "auto sync" and "backup data" enabled in your settings. For music, video or other files please copy the files to either a computer or a hardrive via the USB cable.

10, Is it normal for my device to overheat while watching movies or playing games?
Device may produce varying levels of heat depending on usage. We have seen temperatures soar while running games and third party applications running in the background. However, we assure you that our devices and hardware have been tested for quality; so rest assured friends, there is nothing to worry about. Please contact customer support if you have any questions or need help.

11, I can't get a signal
Most signal errors have something to do with your SIM card or network coverage. Make sure the SIM Card is inseted correctly, In your device if you're not getting a signal at all, make sure your card is in the right direction. While NanoSIM to MicroSIM adaptors usually work, some adapters may get stuck in the SIM slot or cause damage to the motherboard. We recommend that you get a new MicroSIM card for your device – they are usually free or very inexpensive from your mobile operator. If you're connected, while 2G and 3G networks are usually available, LTE connectivity can often be weaker depending on your area. Make sure that your SIM card's contacts are clean, and if you're using an adapter, it must not move around once placed on the SIM tray. Confirm APN settings with your network provider to avoid no network/low network issues.

12, Why my battery drains very quickly, or sometimes handset seems to be hotter?
-Apps in background may dry your power of handset in silent. Please turn off the Apps you are not using to save energy. Power off for once can help to push some cheeky Apps to be shut down and lower your handset temperature.

-Please set your screen brightness into minimun, when no watching video and playing games.

-GPS and mifi will digest a lot of power during usage, please consider to shut down once no neccsary.

13, Why my SIM2 cannot access 3G/4G data connection?
There is just one set 3G/4G module in the circuit board. Therefore, either one of the two SIM cards can enjoy 3G/4G data connection. The another SIM card can just make phone call & SMS.

14, Why my fingerprint sensor sometimes cannot work normally?
One record can just one type of fingers. If same finger is stored in 2 different records, then it may cause an error. Please make sure all area of your finger has been stored during recording.

15, Why I can make phone calls, but I cannot connect to 3G/4G data access? Wifi is working fine!
-This is APN settings of your operator has no input manually. Please consult your operator to get the APN information or find this out in her website. Then click(Settings→ More→ Mobile Network→ Access Point Name), input the characters defined by your local operator.

-You may also find another handset with a correct working SIM card inserted, then use the same path same apprath as above, then you can find and read the APN character of this specific operator, and copy these same character into your handset.

16, Why I have 3G signal but not 4G?
-Please cross check the LTE bands of your operators against the specification of your handset, whether they can be matched.

17, Where can I repair my handset? Where can I buy spare parts?
Please send email to our [email protected] to bring up your request. We will arrange repair or we can ship the spare parts to you.

18, How can I transfer files and data across handset and computer?
You need to download a third parties "driver" from website and install into your computer.(eg.Driver the Life,ect) Otherwise, there is no bridging communication between two devices.

19, How can I backup handset data when changing a new devices?
You may sync your Google account to back up Apps data, wifi settings, pictures and contacts. Also, please make sure to have "auto sync" and "backup data" enable in your settings.

20, Why my handset cannot charge since Day 1?
If your battery is removable type, there is a yellow adhesive tape sealing the contact plate of the battery. Remove the tape and everything will be fine enough.

21, How can I make my handset becomes faster, after 1 year has been used?
Please backup all your personal data, and go for Factory Data Reset.(Settings Backup&Reset Factory Data Reset)

22, If my Android O/S has been broken by third parties Apps, what can I do?
-You need to go for a computer reflash. Please go to our website to download the Tools, Drivers and latest software and install your O/S again.

- You may also send a request to [email protected] to draw our support. So we can send a video to coach you step by step.

23, I forgot the unlock screen password or pattern, what can I do?
In this meanwhile, you need to go for a computer reflash, same as the approach mentioned in item(12).Your personal data will be certainly lost after reflash. There may have a simple way to go for a factory data reset. Please send a email to [email protected] to ask for a help.

24, How long does it take to fully charge my handset?
This really depends on the capacity of the battery against the charging device you use to charge the handset. If you are using the standard charge in gift box, it supposed can be done within 4 hours.

25, Why GPS sometimes no such accurate to define locations?
Pure satellite GPS may affect by the buildings on hills around to search signal. Please turn on 'Location' in pull down menu to let mobile station to calculate where you are.

26, Does my handset software version is the latest one I can enjoy?
Please go to (Settings About Phone Wireless Update) to cross check whether you have download the latest software. Please run this process under wifi and no moving around, and no touch the power-on key, even the screen is dark for 3 minutes during reboot.

27, How can I change my ringtone into the songs I love?
Please go to Google Music, etc to download those Apps, and they will coach you how to change the ringtone into music.

28, Where can I get the Widgets? How can change my wallpapers?
Long press the empty spacing of the main interface, so you can find the directory of widgets and Wallpaper.

29, Use Chrome or Facebook Apps to access Facebook, which one is better?
Of course use Facebook Apps to direct access is much more stable.