As the competition is more and more firece, the mobile manufacturers are pay attention to the other parts in order to attractive more customers. Although in the entry level market that the running system of the mobile is also more powerful than ever with the better quality, and the next aim is the battery and camera. Ulefone Power 5 built in a 13000mAh capacity battery is the smart choice. How about the performance?

Ulefone Power 5

From the video we know, the camera performs well in the most time, although it has not reached the level of the super flagship. Especially the pictures taken in the evening that gives us a deep impression and the video recording is also very stable and smooth like the phone of the Ulefone Power 3.

What's more, The Power 5 and Ulefone Power 6 is also equipped with MT6763 processor, 4GB RAM + 64GB ROM that the running speed is fast and unforgettable like the phone of the Ulefone Power 3S. It is not only equipped with the big capacity battery, but also supports 10W wireless charging that will takes a little longer time to charge full. Last but not least, it is featured with a 6.0 inch screen on the basis of Android 8.1 OS, side fingerprint sensor etc.. Currently, it sells with the price of $279 that you can look and buy it at here: