Ulefone official has guaranteed that the Ulefone Power 5 support working for a week after full charge with the amazing 13000mAh battery, which is the phone with the biggest battery in the market at present that the capacity is five times of the iPhone.

Ulefone Power 5

It is still equipped with a 6.0 inch big screen and dual rear camera like the phone of the Ulefone X. In addition, it also adds a sleek design and low power components that the performance gives us an unforgettable impression.

The design is very rugged and the package comes with a protective film, however, it do not with the IP68 certificate like the Ulefone Armor 3 and if you often work in the hard environment that it is better do not carry it in your pocket. On the other hand, it sells for a reasonable price that you do not need to worry about it often.

The Power 5 use a 6.0 inch 18:9 screen on the basis of the Android 8.1 OS with the help of 13000mAh battery, wireless charge, 6GB +64GB memory combination, four camera and face unlock that is the best choice to buy it on the official Ulefone Shop.