More and more applications and graphics often slow down the smartphones. This obviously does not allow users to make the most of their smartphones. This is a lightweight operating system like the Android Go and is now addressing this need.

Ulefone S1

We remember that Android GO is based on the Android Stock version, and even with 512 MB of RAM, it can work without problems. Google's addition to its specific store also allows for the use of simplified applications, so it's the lighter entry-level device for Android, not just because the storage space will be as busy as half of a smartphone running Android 7.0 or higher. Here is the Ulefone company's Ulefone S1, whose Android version of the Go version is ready to go public today.

The Ulefone S1 and Ulefone S1 Pro features a full-screen 18:9 display and dual rear 8MP + 5MP cameras, which are not common in entry-level devices. Not only because this phone is also equipped with a quad-core processor, the 3000 mAh battery is used for one day, and the stylish design uses an integrated aluminum frame to make it look more beautiful. There is also the ability to unlock a face that frees the hand from the operation.

It was launched to be able to win its business for $9.90. In this case, to win it, simply enter your email address and make a reservation at the official store Ulefone Shop.